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Google AdWords Quality Score Reporting

Google AdWordsPosted by Siren Search Fri, June 09, 2017 17:56

Your ads need to target the right audience and convert the right amount of people into buyers/customers. That means you need to create good quality ads with good quality keywords. Google AdWords will help you determine the relevance of keywords and landing pages through the use of the Quality Score reporting. There have recently been a few changes and here’s all you need to know.

Comprehensive Snapshot of Keywords in Use

While the old Quality Score information was good, it wasn’t perfect. People found it tricky to get a quick view of their keyword quality. Now it’s possible to compare the expected click-through rate, landing page experience, and ad relevance with just a click of the button. You can add three new columns to all your keyword searches. These columns are optional and you can remove them at any time.

Looking at the History of the Quality Score

Before now, you’ve only had a look at the current standing of the keywords. Unless you kept old data, you wouldn’t have been able to see how a keyword has improved or fallen from grace. Now you get that with the historical Quality Score. There are new columns for each of the three components that make up the Quality Score to check historical data. You may find a keyword you’ve always rejected is moving up in relevance.

While this is good, the historical data is only available from January 22, 2016 onward. Going forward all the information will be stored. By using the Day segment, you can break down the score history by day for a selected period with null scores when there isn’t enough information to determine the score.

You can use the new Quality Score information right now. Try it out before your next ad campaign to make sure you use the best keywords possible.

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