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3 Step Guide To The New AdWords Interface

Google AdWordsPosted by Siren Search Thu, June 15, 2017 13:29

The Google AdWords interface has changed, but that doesn’t mean lots of time to work out the new way of things. Here are our top tips to get the most out of the interface and use it efficiently every time.

1. Use Predefined Reports for Common Insights

Need to look at the most useful insights for your campaign? Make use of the predefined reports. These were once found in the Dimensions tab, but are now in the top right side of every page.

You AdWords campaigns are managed and run the exact same way they used to be! If you want to avoid any changes at all, look at the Editor and API options to view campaigns. Only the AdWords web experience has been affected by the recent redesign.

2. Utilise the Right Features for Creating Campaigns

You’ll no longer have to create an ad campaign and hope it looks right. You can now see the ad text and extensions while creating the ads, so you can make changes right away if something is off.

Worried about losing your audience between them searching for products and making the physical purchase? Use Showcase Shopping ads to your advantage.

With better campaign creation setups and better insights, you’ll learn more about your audiences and what they need from you to buy. You’ll create campaigns that actually convert to purchases.

3. Customise Data So It Works for You

While there is an Overview of your ad performance, your needs aren’t the same as everyone else’s. It’s now easy to customise and tailor your insights so they work exactly for your needs. Put them on the Dashboard, so you can see who well (or poorly) your ad units are performing and converting.

By having this information at a glance, you can look into the reasons for the results. This helps you create better performing ads in the future without taking up too much time.

Don’t forget to look into the Opportunities, which is a look at potential improvements to make your ads work better. Also compare performance data between two ads or two time periods to fix issues quickly.

Wrap Up

Here at Siren Search we've been given exclusive access to the new interface and so far we love what we see! If you have any further questions or need help with the new AdWords interface, reach out to us at any time for a chat :)

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