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Top 5 Tips for Creating Engaging Responsive Ads for the Google Display Network

Google AdWordsPosted by Siren Search Mon, July 17, 2017 15:08

You can’t just put up a Google ad and expect clicks. Your ads need to be appealing and responsive for the Google Display Network.

Here are five top tips to create engaging responsive ads each time.

1. Create a Compelling Message

Any type of marketing has to speak to the target audience. You need to draw in your viewers and make them want to know more. Focus on a compelling message and encourages people to respond. That message needs to be relevant to the end result and to your target audience.

2. Make It Easy for People to Choose You

Include your prices or unique selling points. Make it easy to see how you stand out from your competitors. People don’t want to click through pages and pages of information. People will engage when ads make choices easier for them.

3. Make Use of the Headlines

Don’t be afraid to use all the characters in the headline. There are 90 characters for a reason! You can create a compelling and eye-catching title. Watch out for click-bait, and just make the title intriguing. Don’t forget to make your title different to the rest of the text to avoid duplication and boredom.

4. Use Relevant Images

Image ads are among the most powerful responsive ads. Images grab attention and make people stop. You can also add in your logo to help with branding your ads. Make sure all images are crisp and clear.

5. Consider Animated Responsive Ads

Finally, think about animating your images. These are even more eye-catching than logo or still photo ads. People are more likely to engage, because they’re entertained. Just don’t forget to use the interactive element as a call-to-action.

Make use of your responsive ads. Help them stand out to draw the attention and encourage engagement.

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