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Google AdWords Sitelinks

PPC ManagementPosted by Siren Search Mon, February 28, 2011 23:21
Just over a year ago Google launched a suite of optional advert enhancements called "Sitelinks". These consisted of additional text links that appeared below the display URL of adverts that met high quality score credentials and provided users with even more interaction opportunities.

The use of Sitelinks was momentous because it was the first time Google had allowed multiple additional inks with text ads in its PPC Management program - AdWords. The links can point to related site content and can contain keywords to entice users.

Creativity by PPC Management Companies allows adverts to push the boundaries and provide clients with a valuable new proposition in PPC Marketing.

A year on and Google has announced further enhancements and stats indicating that the two-line format of Sitelinks could be attracting over 30% increase in CTR (click through rate). In addition to this, PPC Management Companies in Birmingham and indeed all over the world can now rest assured that the Sitelinks will be displayed based on historic performance as opposed to the order they are submitted.

This change ensures that both advertisers and users are provided with the most relevant Sitelinks to interact with. All advertisers have to do is ensure that more than four Sitelinks are submitted with various character limits.

For more information on Sitelinks or to get a PPC Campaign built with Sitelinks included please contact Siren Search by email at info@sirensearch.co.uk or call freephone 0800 612 8077

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Google AdWords Keyword Pricing – What will my keywords cost?

PPC ManagementPosted by Siren Search Mon, January 31, 2011 22:54
When selling the idea of Google PPC Marketing through AdWords to potential clients, a common question that arises out of initial conversations is “what will my keywords cost?” – As any seasoned PPC campaign manager will know, there is no hard and fast rule to calculate this for the potential client. Of course, if you manage another campaign in the exact same sector then you will have a better idea but not and exact idea as keyword prices are unique to each client.

Since your CPC plays a pivotal role in determining your Ad Rank it is wise to consider this before going in too low or even too high.

Google Ad Rank: Cost Per Click (CPC) bid x Quality Score

From years of experience, I have come to understand that trying to work out things from a mathematical view, in other words attempting to work out Google’s algorithms is pointless and will not provide you with a solid answer because the algorithm above contains a factor called ‘Quality Score’ which is equally as difficult to determine. Add in to this the algorithms for calculating maximum CPC you will be even more confused as this is based on what the person appearing below you is willing to pay.

Instead looking at it subjectively for each client will at least give them a good idea of relative costs. This way the cost of the click would actually be a figure set in the clients mind rather than a client manager. The best way to explain this is to get your client to think about how much they or their competitor would be willing to part with and still remain profitable to gain a sale on a monthly basis – strictly speaking their lowest ROI. Then the cost of the click would be relative not only to the client, but also their market.

For example, a cake seller’s CPC is not going to be a high as an estate agent’s CPC because the profit margins are so very different. Hence you would expect the cake seller to pay a much lower CPC than the estate agent. In this example, getting the client to think relatively will make it easier to justify a higher CPC where required.

If there is more profit margin in the client’s business sector the it is more likely that the relative market would be willing to pay more for a conversion hence the CPC would be higher. If a high CPC was a problem for some clients, then a way around this would be to identify niche keywords that would not have as many impressions but are related. These keywords may also be useful because users who use them maybe further down the buying cycle and in a position to do business.

In conclusion, CPC cost is relative to each market sector and unique to each client – so why try to second guess it.

Siren Search provides a PPC Management service that takes into account all the significant variables in CPC and combines this with extensive knowledge gained form managing numerous PPC accounts to provide a PPC service which takes CPC very seriously.

Our aim is to provide you with the most cost effective source of advertising through PPC Management, so please get in touch with us today to see how we can help lower you CPC and provide you with a PPC Management Company that delivers results.

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Advances in search and PPC for mobile devices

PPC ManagementPosted by Siren Search Fri, September 17, 2010 23:10
Recently Google has put a greater emphasis on mobile search for devices such as iPhones, Android and smart phones such as BlackBerry. The increase in activity in this area is primarily due to technological advances made in terms of accessing the internet at any given time.

In relative terms it could be said that the mobile web has been behind in advancement, but Google are now fast-tracking the mobile web to meet this new demand. With a mobile device the key is mobility and the need to have tailored results relevant to the user wherever their apparent location. Firstly Google has recently began to offer better mobile device targeting where advertisers are able to target specific devices, right down to specific mobile networks.

When advertising targeting these devices it is best to separate this campaign from your general search targeting campaign so you are better able to evaluate and optimize specifically for mobile. For example, some one searching using a desktop computer may search for a “birmingham ppc marketing company”, whereas a mobile user would most probably use just “birmingham ppc”. So your choice of keywords will also be different for mobile advertising.

Location targeting for mobile devices is highly relevant for users out and about wanting to find local places of interest, restaurants, shops and other services. By using Ad Extension to display advertiser location with the ad means more relevant data is available for the user and gives you an even better chance to be found.

In addition to this, the recent roll out of the “click to call” Ad Extension means that users can directly interact with you device specific advert like never before. Click to call means the user is given an option to automatically call your business by clicking on the ad. This is the first time the PPC advertising has been able to take advantage of a device having calling capabilities such as smart phones. What is more, the increase in capabilities has also increased for the mere advertisers or client manager with Google releasing a version of Google AdWords for mobile.

Siren Search run a number of location based, device specific campaigns to target users with the most highly targeted and relevant ads as possible with mobile advertising. With the move to smart phones such as the innovative iPhone, it has been more important than ever to ensure your business appears in search for this type of device.

Call Siren Search freephone 0800 612 8077 to speak to us about how we can get your business advertised in Google for mobile devices today.

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5 Reasons to Outsource Your PPC Campaign

PPC ManagementPosted by Siren Search Tue, November 24, 2009 15:55

Outsourcing your PPC (Pay Per Click) can be on of the best investments you make. It may start off as one of those search marketing activities that you think you should do as a company, but you’ll no doubt find that over time it may become something that requires specialist attention.

We found this to be the case with one of our now key clients – i4c Publicity. Although they were getting a significant amount of customers through their own PPC campaign, their campaign spend was spiralling out of control and they were finding it hard to determine exactly where to make the necessary cuts. They were in fear of losing potential customers and new business if they reduced their budget and keyword CPC (Cost Per Click).

Siren Search began with a full PPC campaign audit which quickly identified where the unnecessary budget was being spent. In addition to this we were able to apply our expertise and introduce advanced bidding and match type options that they had not been aware of.

The most important factor was the addition of 'Negative Match' keywords which quickly stopped ads showing for irrelevant results. The result was an increased CTR (Click Through Rate) and a 52% reduction in campaign spend. These results are a testament to outsourcing your campaign to a PPC specialist such as Siren Search.

Below are 5 reasons to outsource your PPC:

1. Experience in PPC
A PPC Company has years of experience and expertise is the field of PPC. What is more they will have kept up-to-date with constant changes being made by Google AdWords and other PPC providers, to keep you appearing on the first page of Google.

2. Cost Effectiveness
PPC management doesn’t cost as much as you would think! Siren Search PPC Management starts from only £75 per month. Time is money and you will already be engaged in numerous tasks to ensure that your business continues to operate profitably. Outsourcing your PPC campaign means that a PPC company can dedicate time to what it does best – PPC Management – leaving you with extra time to focus on other parts of your business.

3. Application of Extensive PPC Knowledge
Having experience in PPC is one thing, but knowing every aspect of it and being able to apply that knowledge is another. A PPC company such as Siren Search can achieve dramatic results whether you’re a looking to get a higher position in the results page, increase your CTR, or lower you campaign spend. They will have the expertise to implement these changes for you.

4. Keyword & Business Sector Research
You will have seen your competitors appearing on the 1st page of Google and wondered “how they can afford to be in those top positions?” – We have the answers and knowledge to do this. Getting to the top isn’t just about how much you pay and the keywords you use. Bidding on the same keyword is like having an identical poster advert as your competitor. Your adverts have to be compelling as well as having keywords with different match types.

5. Peace of Mind
It’s a simple fact that outsourcing your PPC will give you peace of mind. You can check your ad performance at anytime by searching for your product yourself in Google. Seeing your ad on the first page of Google will reassure you that you are getting new customers. You will also know that your PPC company is only a call away should you need any further ads setting up or require a further work.

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